It only took us 365 days of day-to-day work to lay a secure foundation for many years to come
June 1
June 10
Emergence of UMI blockchain ecosystem — genesis block launched
June 15
June 30
July 8
July 29
August 11
August 18
August 28
September 7
October 28
Listing on P2P platform — you can buy/sell UMI cryptocurrency directly trading with other holders
First staking structure connected to blockchain
ecosystem —ROY Club
First wave of UMI Airdrop.
The second staking structure is opened - ISP Club

Localization of UMI blockchain ecosystem into Spanish and Chinese
Listing on exchange and fast buy/sell service — UMI can be bought for BTC and other cryptocurrencies
Launch of mobile app for UMI blockchain ecosystem
Start of UMI buy processing using bank cards from 150 countries on Crypto-by-Card
UMI cryptocurrency has been developed for 3 years. All these years, the team of developers has been testing their ideas. We had lots of trials and errors. We survived the crypto winter, did not abandon the idea, found a firm footing and eventually launched UMI coin by uploading its genesis block into the network on June 1, 2020
We forged a partnership with*: the coin was added to the list of cryptocurrencies traded on P2P platform

* is an exchange, multi-cryptocurrency wallet, fast buy/sell service and P2P platform for cryptocurrency trading.
We partnered up with ROY Club* and launched our first staking structure based on UMI blockchain ecosystem.

*ROY Club is a big crypto community for joint cryptocurrency mining operating since 2018.
In all airdrop and bonus waves, we distributed about 6,000,000 UMI among users in the form of free gifts.
Localization of videos about UMI in English
We translated our website, blockchain monitor and all materials into new languages — Spanish and Chinese. exchange added UMI–BTC cryptocurrency pair. We also connected the fast buy/sell service where you can automatically buy/sell coins for BTC without registration.
We developed a UMI mobile app for Android/iOS and uploaded it to Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.
We forged a partnership with Crypto-By-Card* and got included into the official list of cryptocurrencies on this trading platform where you can directly buy UMI using your bank card.

*Crypto-By-Card is a service where you can buy cryptocurrencies using your bank card. It's similar to standard exchange: enter the buy amount, pay with your card and receive cryptocurrency to the indicated address.
November 3
November 4
November 9
November 13
November 15
November 21
We uploaded source code of UMI blockchain ecosystem to GitLab and Bitbucket
Official opening of the blog of UMI blockchain ecosystem
We localized all UMI's digital assets into Indonesian
We reached a processing rate of 65,535 tx/sec in the testing network
We became a media partner of Media
Major international mass media started to write about UMI and demand for UMI coin in the international community rose multi-fold
We launched the Reformal improvement feedback service
UMI coin was added to top monitors, including Crypto Compare, CoinCodex, Neironix
We opened the source code of UMI blockchain ecosystem to the world on GitLab and Bitbucket. We showed the inside of the project and thus confirmed transparency and reliability of the blockchain ecosystem.
UMI Team launched its own blog on where it shares its ideas and posts lots of materials about UMI cryptocurrency and crypto industry on the whole.
We reached the maximum processing rate of 65,535 tx/sec in the testing network while maintaining its stability. This value is a lot higher than with the VISA and Mastercard networks.
We translated website, blockchain monitor and all materials of UMI blockchain ecosystem into Indonesian.
We forged a partnership with Media — the fastest-growing crypto media portal visited by over 60,000 users.
Big media agencies notices UMI blockchain ecosystem and started publishing materials about this cryptocurrency. Thus, lots of articles in multiple languages have been published: in Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish. These articles were also published by big media portals: Cointelegraph China, DeCenter, Live Bitcoin News.
Using Reformal, users can offer their ideas regarding future modifications to UMI cryptocurrency and vote for various new features. Use the following link:
UMI was added to multiple rating platforms that assess cryptocurrency projects and blockchain economics, including Crypto Compare, CoinCodex, Neironix. As a result, the coin was noticed by many crypto enthusiasts from Europe, the CIS, Latin America, Africa, Indonesia and China.
June 16
Starting value of UMI staking ROI is 5% per month
July 6
UMI staking ROI reaching 15% per month
October 27
UMI staking ROI reaching 30% per month
June 14
Publication of informational videos about UMI in Russian
July 16
Second staking structure — ISP Club — launched in UMI
blockchain ecosystem
We then partnered up with the second staking structure — ISP Club*.

*ISP Club is our important IT partner. In addition to staking, it also helps UMI enter the DeFi market and develops VISA cards for UMI (cards that can be used to pay with UMI) and virtual bank cards using NFC payment technology.
September 19
UMI staking ROI reaching 25% per month
In partnership with ISP Club, we launched development of VISA debit crypto cards and virtual bank cards using NFC technology and supporting staking for contactless payments. After these cards are up and running, you can use your debit card to pay with coins generated by staking.
August 6
We started developing VISA crypto cards with staking support for contactless payments
July 30
UMI staking ROI reaching 20% per month
December 31
January 8
January 9
Technical portal officially launched
We reached a daily trading volume of $1 mln
We distributed all of the initially generated 18 mln UMI
Localization of videos about UMI in Chinese
We launched a portal with technical links and materials on UMI blockchain ecosystem.
Buy/sell volume of UMI cryptocurrency started reaching $1,000,000 per day, on average.
All 18,000,000 UMI initially issued were distributed among network users.
We created a wall worth of 365 BTC on to support UMI price and protect the coin against falling below $0.95.
January 9
We created UMI buy orders worth of 365 BTC to protect price from falling
April 6
March 4
March 22
April 8
April 21
April 23
May 20
May 27
Total number of UMI coins reached 100 mln
The number of public mentions of UMI blockchain ecosystem on reputable online crypto media reached 100.
UMI was first publicly announced on the global stage in Turkey
We developed mechanics for the bug bounty program to search for and troubleshoot errors in UMI mobile app
UMI cryptocurrency price rose to $2
We reached a daily trading volume of $3 mln
UMI blockchain ecosystem tokenized and entered the DeFi market
UMI Team acting as title sponsor at Supreme Blockchain Lounge Conference in Dubai
We celebrated the anniversary of UMI blockchain ecosystem in Dubai's best Luxury class venue — the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa.

A closed VIP party was arranged in the Armani elite club and gathered top-level leaders of the crypto industry, most demanded developers and celebrities.

On the occasion of its anniversary, UMI blockchain ecosystem was celebrated by a laser show on the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.
Overall, 100,000,000 UMI have already been generated.
100 unique longreads and articles in various languages were published about UMI blockchain ecosystem.
In cooperation with our partners, we developed mechanics for the bug search algorithm aiming to fix technical errors and inconveniences on UMI mobile app. The program will later be cascaded to all UMI products.
For the first time, UMI blockchain ecosystem team became title sponsor at the international conference Blockchain Wave in Antalya. The conference was a success, and the crypto community received the blockchain project favorably. At the conference, over 200 people opened UMI wallets and several promising partnerships were forged to develop UMI blockchain ecosystem in the future.
On April 21, the UMI cryptocurrency rate rose and consolidated above $2.
UMI trading volume reached $3,000,000 per day, with demand exceeding supply significantly.
In partnership with ISP Club, UMI coin entered the decentralized finance market. This was achieved by tokenizing UMI in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Polygon blockchains.

Tokenized UMI (WUMI) was added to reputable decentralized exchanges: Uniswap (Ethereum), PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain), JustSwap (TRON), QuickSwap (Polygon, previously Matic Network).
This conference is attended by top-level experts of the blockchain industry from all over the world. This is a premium class event attended by the most successful crypto businessmen, prominent figures of the world of finance, law, public regulation and even political figures from the United Arab Emirates. UMI blockchain ecosystem was first discussed by financial regulators and state-level VIPs.
February 12
UMI staking ROI reaching 31% per month
We released a desktop wallet for users that also works as a validator node by default. In addition to sending and receiving transactions, the wallet can also serve as a fully functional node supporting all features except block generation.
February 24
We released a desktop wallet that also works as a validator node
April 19
Daily number of transactions reached a value of 100,000
Overall number of transactions in UMI blockchain ecosystem totaling between 60,000 and 100,000 per day.
April 20
UMI staking ROI reaching 32% per month
Aggregate market value of UMI coin reached $350,000,000.
May 3
UMI cryptocurrency capitalization reached $350 mln
UMI blockchain ecosystem now has over 3,000,000 blocks
May 11
We reached a value of 3 mln blocks in UMI network
We demonstrated the inside of a block that adds transactions to a block that is tied to a UMI ecosystem e-wallet in the blockchain network.
May 14
We published the validator node of UMI blockchain ecosystem in the network
We demonstrated the inside of UMI blockchain system validators that are added to the system to generate or confirm new blocks in the blockchain.
May 17
We published the master node of UMI blockchain ecosystem in the network
UMI cryptocurrency price reached a record value of $3.25
May 19
UMI coin price rose to $3.25
May 24
UMI blockchain registered over 550,000 addresses
Overall number of addresses in UMI network exceeded 550,000
May 31
Number of UMI coins reached 180 mln
Overall number of UMI coins in circulation reached and exceeded 180,000,000 UMI
June 1
We reached a processing rate of 65,536 tx/sec in the main network
After testing, we reached a processing level of 65,536 tx/sec in the main network while maintaining its stability
May 31
The number of transactions reaches 8.5 million
December 12
Localization of videos about UMI in Indonesian
December 13
Publication of videos about UMI in Spanish